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DescriptionThe original American football entry in the Backyard Sports series, Backyard Football lays the groundwork for kid-friendly football simulation. Not only can kids create players of their own, but they can add child versions of certain NFL stars to their teams using the 'Create-A-Player' feature.

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Kids play a simplified, 5-on-5 reduction of the sport, with no penalties and power-ups for good plays. Speed is of the essence, as quarters are over in a minute. Logic Studio 10 Free Download For Mac. Features season, Hall of Fame, and exhibition modes.

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Backyard Football is the first game in the Backyard Sports series to be licensed by its respective national league.

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Free Backyard Football 1999 Download Games can be. Backyard Football CD-ROM PC/MAC Computer Game. Of NFL superstars and Backyard kids,and play football.

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