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Problem: You need to open an.exe file but you have a Mac®. Solution: You can easily open an.exe from your Mac by using Parallels Desktop® for Mac. I frequently get questions like this from Mac users: My friend asked me to download a file named, but I can’t open it on my Mac.

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How can I open this file? From a person who only uses Mac computers and iPads, this is a very reasonable question. The quick, short answer is, “ By itself, the Mac can’t open this file.” The longer, more positive answer requires a little background. File Extensions Both PC and Mac computers use three- or four-letter extensions on file names—the portion of the name after the period—to determine which application can open a file. You may have noticed that files with extensions “.jpg” or “.jpeg” are opened by the Preview app on the Mac. Those files are images or photos.

Similarly, you may have noticed that files with extensions “.docx” or “.doc” are opened on the Mac by Microsoft Word or TextEdit. Those files are word processing documents. What you may not have noticed is that Mac applications themselves have an “.app” extension. (See figure 1.). Figure 1_Applications on the Mac have the file name extension “.app” When you double click on a file with the “.app” extension on a Mac, the macOS® launches that application.

I frequently get questions like this from Mac users: My friend asked me to download a file named Paint-tool-sai.exe, but I can’t open it on my Mac.How can I open this file? Jul 22, 2010  Re: Download.exe file on Mac? Czarredd May 9, 2008 11:58 AM (in response to czarredd) I was able to contact support and they looked up my info and hooked me up big time. Mac-robber is a digital forensics and incident response tool that can be used with The Sleuth Kit to create a timeline of file activity for mounted file systems.

In other words, opening a file with an “.app” extension is really launching that application; the macOS itself opens that file. With this background, it is understandable that the Mac by itself can’t open an “.exe” file because the.exe extension means that the file is a Windows application. The Windows operating system is needed to open an “.exe” file. Enter Parallels Desktop When you have and a Windows virtual machine (VM) on your Mac, everything just works when you double click on an “.exe” file. It feels a little bit like magic. Underneath, here is how the magic works: Parallels Desktop tells the Mac that it can open “.exe” files. Logic Pro X 10.3 1 Download Mac. So when you double click on that “.exe” file, the macOS ® launches Parallels Desktop.