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Even if you buy a Mac in France, English and Japanese are the only languages available in MacOS X is the same no matter where it is sold and only comes with English and Japanese pre-installed at the present time. There is a translator Dashboard widget that comes with Leopard that can do French-English and vise versa, as well as a number of other languages, but it would be nice to have the capability in the Dictionary as well.

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Download french world puzzles 1.0 - Mac. By Amigo Software. French World Puzzles is an app developed by Amigo Software available in its latest version 1.0, whose. French english dictionary.

There is a freeware Dictionary development kit available from Apple that is included with the Developer Tools and is located in /Developer/Extras/Dictionary Development Kit. [ crarko adds: Documentation is available.] Some language modules are also available from. You can install the good 'Dictionnaire-AcademieFrancaise'by following this. [ crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. Unzipping the downloaded file gives an Installer package that installs and loads the French dictionary into

There is also an about enabling the built-in Japanese dictionaries, which describes how to load/unload the language files.]. OK, it's been a few years since I've messed with *nix-y things, but I don't get the Stardict tarballs or DictUnifier at all. The tarballs unpack into triplets consisting of a.dict, a.idx and a.ifo file (presumably 'dictionary', 'index' and 'information').

However, DictUnifier 1.1 doesn't recognize any of them, while DictUnifier 2.0b3 only recognizes the.ifo file and doesn't seem to produce any output. Oh, and the README file included (only) with 1.1 is in Chinese, which I don't read or understand. So, can someone explain in plain English just how you feed a Stardict dictionary to DictUnifier, what the result should be and how to get to recognize that? Thanks for the post about my dictionary.

I just released a too. It is stand-alone and needs no internet connection. It also includes the 1835 dictionary. There are more modern dictionaries available, but none of them are free and none of them work with the MacOS X Blackberry Desktop Manager For Mac 10.4 11 Download.

These dictionaries from 1935 and 1835 are hardly 'useless'. Any new French words since 1935 are likely to be borrowed from English anyway. Plus, if you do happen to be reading anything from the 18th and 19th centuries (there were at least a couple of good books during that time) you are quite likely to encounter old words that will not be found in any modern dictionary. I built my dictionaries from the same XDXF sources that the StarDict dictionaries were built from. My Dictionary plugins, and especially the iPad app, have undergone extensive cleanup and indexing that you won't find in any StartDict version.

Finally, I would love to build some similar dictionaries for other languages. All I need is some kind of public domain database source that I can legally use. Such databases can often be found on government and university web sites. You need to be able to speak the language in order to track them down and French is the only language I know well enough to research.

Boom 2 Mac Free Download. And on what authority do you make that statement? Apparently better knowledge of French than you have. I happen to live in France, and am a writer and translator. What you say is ludicrous. I happen to live in Canada, and am a software engineer.

I don't translate. That is why I prefer to read French authors in French and lookup words I don't know in French. It is ludicrous to claim that a dictionary from 1935 is 'useless' or that modern French isn't full of English words. If you don't like my dictionary, fine. Don't download it. Buy the Dictionnaire Le Robert for 200 euros instead.

It is a great dictionary, but it doesn't work with It is easy to find fault in the work of others.

If you feel this dictionary is useless and obsolete, write a better one. I just wanted to say thanks for this hint. I have been wanting dictionaries in other languages ever since the got released with Tiger.

While the translator widget on the Dashboard is okay, it doesn't really offer anything above what the Babelfish web-site can do, and these things are prone to making mistakes (which a good dictionary can help with).and the dictionary from 1935 is perfectly useful for what the majority of users need it for. Kirkmc, thank you for pointing out the age of the dictionary, but you really need to tone it down a notch. Insulting the readers here by calling their hints useless is a great way to drive people away from the site, especially when it is unmerited as is the case here.